Tri-Cities Rocketeers Sod Blaster Launch 2018 Part 1 Friday
This is the first official day of flying at Tri-Cities Rocketeers / Tripoli Southeast Washington's inaugural Sod Blaster event! This will be an event held over Labor Day weekend, Friday-Monday. I was able to make Friday-Sunday this year, and will post Saturday and Sunday videos as well. Although it was a surprise to find the sod field all harvested of sod, the weather conditions were simply perfect over the weekend, and we had many excellent flights! On Friday we also had special guests Steve Shannon of Tripoli, as well as the President of Estes Rockets, Ellis Langford and his wife Kim. In this video are the the first 63 launches that I captured during the event. Enjoy!

 Rocketry Club: Tri-Cities Rocketeers

Author flyfalcons
Duration 29:56

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