George Gassaway - Two Minute Egg {Plan} Plan

Contributed by Chad Frey

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Published: 2019-08-23
Manufacturer: George Gassaway
Style: Contest, Payload


Download the plan from the NAR website. You will need:

  • 1 Plastic egg
  • 1 Page card stock
  • 1 Sheet 3/32 balsa
  • 1 BT-20 tube
  • 1 Centering ring
  • 1 Launch lug
  • 1 Yard shock cord material
  • 1 Parachute (I made a 30-incher)


The idea of building this has been in my brain for anwhile. I thought trying an egg lofter would be fun for my kids - and I was right. I’m also a thrifty guy, so I did not want to spend much on this project, saving some rocket funds for the kids’ A4-H projects.

This project cost me about three bucks - most of what is needed is likely sitting on your workbench right now. 

This became one very fun project. The plan is on one sheet and instructions are minimal. It is very straight forward. The biggest challenge I had was installing the card stock cowl. Glue simply did not want to set and hold. I used three or four cowls before I got one to work. No biggie, as they are easily printed on card stock.


Easy to paint. Forget painting the plastic egg, as paint likely will not hold up to the tape that keeps the egg closed during flight.


My first flight exposed a mistake I made during construction. I made my own launch lug and it was too tight. Other than that, this rocket did what was asked of it - bring back an egg in one piece and entertain the kids.


You are on your own. I constructed a 30 -nch parachute from a party table cloth and put a spill hole in it. That worked for wonderfully.

Flight Rating: 4


This is a fun project!


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