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Upscale Scissor Wing transport RC rocket glider

Upscale Scissor Wing transport RC rocket glider, 2" diameter, 36.5" length, 28" wingspan, elevon control surfaces for roll/pitch only, 12 oz rtf, this version does not actually swing the wing as in this design the tradeoff between a pop pod, or swing wing without pop pod yields nearly the same altitude and glide time, but this version has a much simpler stronger construction without dropping anything into the tall grass. Our field does not allow rocket boosted gliders dropping anything due to fire risk. So it has the look of the SWT. Wing is small, .79 sq foot wing area yielding a glide loading of 13 oz/sq foot so glide is not bad considering.

 Rocketry Product: Estes - Scissor Wing Transport {Kit} (1265) [1974-1985, 2004-2007]

Author burkefj
Duration 116 seconds

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