Warning: Graphic video of animal cruelty on a wool farm in Argentina
PETA release harrowing footage of sheep mutilation on wool farms. . Report by Asana Greenstreet. GRAPHIC: Argentinean wool farmers sheep cruelty uncovered by Peta. This video may be upsetting to some viewers. Current affairs, amazing footage and incredible stories. Welcome to ODN - On Demand News. Formerly the ITN YouTube channel, ODN is your home for the top visual stories happening across the globe. Like us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/ODNface Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/ODNTweets Add us on Google+: http://bit.ly/ODNplus More stories from ODN: WARNING: Graphic footage of animal cruelty on farm in Argentina - http://bit.ly/SheepCruelty BANGKOK: Dashcam footage emerges - http://bit.ly/BangkokCam Great White Shark tries to eat a seal - http://bit.ly/SharkVSeal Donald Trump tells young boy he is Batman - http://bit.ly/TrumpisBatman Woman gives birth in car after being pulled over for speeding - http://bit.ly/CarBirth188 Man wanted for damaging Aston Martin V8 - http://bit.ly/KeysCar Adorable red panda cub born at Longleat - http://bit.ly/RedPandaCub Amateur footage show Bangkok blast - http://bit.ly/BangkokBlast Bulls have killed seven during Spanish summer - http://bit.ly/Bulls7 Israeli police shoot Palestinian man after stabbing - http://bit.ly/NablusDeath CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Pram rolls into a freight train - http://bit.ly/TrainPram Massive blast hits centre of Bangkok - http://bit.ly/BAngkok Morgan Freeman's step-granddaughter murdered in alleged exorcism - http://bit.ly/FreemanGD First Creaturegeddon takes place in London - http://bit.ly/Creaturegeddon Indonesian plane found crashed in remote location - http://bit.ly/IndoPlane Star Wars Land to open at Disney theme parks - http://bit.ly/StarWarsLanD Migrants brawl on Kos - http://bit.ly/KosBrawl Queen attends VJ Day commemorations - http://bit.ly/QueenVJ China increases Tianjin blast zone - http://bit.ly/Chinazone Tourist sleep in converted NYC cabs - http://bit.ly/HotelTaxi American flag raised in Cuba - http://bit.ly/USflagCuba Thousands of historical UK photos released online - http://bit.ly/UKPhotos Cats are better than dogs! Science confirms it - http://bit.ly/CatsVSDogS Raccoon on a scooter - http://bit.ly/ScooterRacoon Scuffles as pro-Palestinians protest at Tel Aviv event in Paris - http://bit.ly/ProPalViolence Kitesurfers make world record attempt - http://bit.ly/KitesurfersWR All Blacks launch AirNZ safety video - http://bit.ly/MenAllBlack Mexico cartels: As drug lords fall, crimes rise - http://bit.ly/MexiCartels 'Great Plague' burial ground found in London - http://bit.ly/PlaguePit Horse rescued from well in Chile - http://bit.ly/HorseRescue148 Google Alphabet explained - http://bit.ly/GAlphabet
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