InFlight Rockets - WASP Kit

Manufacturer: InFlight Rockets
Product Type: Kit
Status: Out-Of-Production
  • InFlight Rockets - WASP {Kit} By Bill Eichelberger (October 25, 2013)

    The Inflight WASP is a clone of the short-lived Estes WASP, which was only available from 1984-85.  The only noticeable difference in the Inflight kit and the original is that the Inflight kit uses a balsa cone as opposed to the plastic cone of the original. Components 12" BT-55 main body tube  2.75" BT-50 motor mount tube  2 AR-5055 centering ...

  • InFlight Rockets - WASP {Kit} By Jason Augeri (March 6, 2008)

    Brief: This is a clone of the Estes WASP #1930, which was available from 1984 to 1985. It is a single stage, low power, streamer recovery, three fins and nose cone design. Construction: The parts consist of one BT-55 body tube 11 15/16" long, one BT-50 motor mount tube 2.75" long, two AR-5055 motor mount centering rings, one motor mount block, three laser cut balsa ...


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