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Wedgetail X L900DM HPR Ardlethan Launch with USYD Rocketry Team

USYD Rocketry Team's Wedgetail X HPR launch was conducted on 25th September 2017. This was the rocket's first launch. The rocket which measures 2.3m tall is constructed primarily of carbon fibre tubes and 3d printed components, including the nosecone. The motor used is an Aerotech L900DM motor producing 3864Ns of impulse, propelling the Wedgetail X to an altitude of 1.68km. USYD Rocketry is Australia's first university-based rocketeering team aiming to compete in international rocketry competitions.

 Rocketry Club: Canberra Rocketry Group

Author USYD Rocketry Team
Duration 182 seconds

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