Flight Log - 2019-08-24 - Edward Chess's Wildman Rocketry - Patriot 2.6

Scale-like Patriot missile, 2.65" diameter, made completely of fiberglass.  Finished in the Black Patriot design from Stickershock23.  Mounted an altimeter bay in the nosecose.

Flight Date: 2019-08-24
Rocket Name: Wildman Rocketry - Patriot 2.6
Flyer's Name: Edward Chess
Motors: G106-14
Launch Site: Eat Cheese or Fly, Woosh, Richard Bong State Park, Wisconsin
Actual Altitude: 1,458.00 Feet

Good boost, Statologger CF fired charge at apogee, JLChute Release (300') opened at apogee, long walk, ROCKET LOST with telemetry package and CTI casing.  ROCKET FOUND the next day and electronics were intact.

1CTI 138G106-14A-14


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