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2012 3-3 FAR Activities: Sugar motors, Recovery ejection test and a CATO

Paul Avery static tested three 38mm single use sugar motors, all successful. Hal Duffy did the first test of the drogue chute piston ejection as part of the recovery system being designed for the Genesis nitric acid liquid propellant rocket project. Next time we plan on installing the drogue chute and related tether and attachment hardware. The first static motor test of the dual phase solid ZnS-Sugar KNO3 propellant was done as a 'proof of concept' test. Hal Duffy hot cast the core of Zinc Sulfur that Rick Maschek then pour sugar propellant around that core. The motor suffered a major anomaly as it CATOed shortly after ignition as seen in the high speed video of the motor test. Discussion of the anomaly has resulted in several design changes for the next motor. Fortunately, only minor damage was done to the motor hardware and repair has will be completed in time for the next test.

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