Flight Log - 2023-09-01 - Jason Vennard's The Seeker

2.6” version of the Competitor series, already have the 4” and 5” built and flown and now this one. 2.6” in diameter with a 54mm motor mount. 

actually built this to keep on standby, super easy to prep and versatile, if I lose a loc on my gps tracking on another bird this one is set up to go up quickly and attempt to reacquire the signal with the lost feature featherweight trackers use.


Flight Date: 2023-09-01
Rocket Name: The Seeker
Flyer's Name: Jason Vennard
Motors: K480
Expected Altitude: 10,300.00 Feet
Launch Site: Argonia, KS Airfest 29
1Aerotech K480W


This is a Wildman Competitor 2.6" kit. Beautiful quick flight, straight flight simmed to 10,300 and hit 13,600 per RRC2L and Mach 1.5

Actual Altitude: 13,627.00 Feet (Altimeter)
Competitor 2.6" with K480


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