Flight Log - 2023-09-02 - Jason Vennard's Shapeshifter Jr

I’ve built and flown the 3” and 5” so figured it was time to try this version. Really like the shapeshifter looks.

Basic 3FNC but with a unique fin shape. 2.1” with a 38mm motor mount.

Flight Date: 2023-09-02
Rocket Name: Shapeshifter Jr
Kit Name: Wildman Rocketry - Shape Shifter Jr {Kit} [2011-]
Flyer's Name: Jason Vennard
Motors: J435-14
Expected Altitude: 8,000.00 Feet
Launch Site: Argonia, KS Airfest 29
1Aerotech J435WS-14


Nominal flight and recovery however motor kicked due to the Aeropack retainer letting go from the motor tube, never had that issue before so will re attach another one paying particular attention to prep and the JB Weld mix ratio..

Video of flight https://youtu.be/bXWNXLzijh8?si=Z8vUU3XJRG9cbmEO

Actual Altitude: 6,300.00 Feet


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