Flight Log - 2023-11-18 - David Deavours's Formula 98ii
Flight Date: 2023-11-18
Rocket Name: Formula 98ii
Flyer's Name: David Deavours
Motors: K480
Expected Altitude: 7,655.00 Feet
Launch Site: QCRC
1Aerotech K480W


Fabulous November day at the QCRC launch site. Winds were about 10mph, sky was clear and the temps were in the high 50s. This is the Madcow version of the Formula 98 which I converted to HED and have previously launched on the J540r. Today was the K480, a great motor with more punch and more newtons than the K550. Rocksim estimated the apogee would be 5633' and a max velocity of 860fps.

The up part of the launch was perfect, in view thanks to the clear sky. I lost site of the rocket after the apogee event, and GPS had it under drogue, descending at about 60fps. The main was set to 900' which deployed, but the main did not remain attached to the rocket for long. Instead it found an open quicklink and slipped off the harness to float gently down. The rocket continued down at 60fps to the ground, were it landed in a flat spin.

The rocket was recovered 4300' down range in a field, near the road. The main was recovered near the corner of 2300 and Route 26, about 400' inside the field in the North West corner of 2300 & 26. No damage to either the rocket or the main :) but the 3d-printed AV bay suffered from the impact and will need replacing.

Actual Altitude: 7,833.00 Feet
Formula 98 on the pad
Recovery Sites


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