Flight Log - 2023-11-19 - Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Hornet (3037)

Estes reissue of the Centuri Magnum Hornet.

Flight Date: 2023-11-19
Rocket Name: Estes - Hornet (3037)
Kit Name: Estes - Hornet {Kit} (3037)
Flyer's Name: Bill Eichelberger
Motors: B6-4
Launch Site: Fabulous B6-4 Field, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky
Wind Speed: 3.00 mph
Temperature: 55 F
1Estes B6-4


First flight since 2015. Flew out over short right field to around 400', then recovered at third base.

Actual Altitude: 400.00 Feet


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