Flight Log - 2023-11-19 - Bill Eichelberger's Semroc - Firefly
Flight Date: 2023-11-19
Rocket Name: Semroc - Firefly
Kit Name: Semroc - Firefly {Kit} (KV-31)
Flyer's Name: Bill Eichelberger
Motors: A10-0 / 1/2A3-4
Launch Site: Fabulous B6-4 Field, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky
Wind Speed: 3.00 mph
Wind Direction: From the N
Temperature: 55 F

This flight should never have happened, but I built it to fly it. Staged around 100' and sustainer headed toward the softball field. Topped out around 350' and appeared to be a lock for the Birdcage, but drifted back toward me ever so slightly. Landed on the hill in foul territory and it took me ten minutes to find the booster that was 15' from the pad. DOH!

Actual Altitude: 350.00 Feet


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