Flight Log - 2024-02-04 - Bill Eichelberger's MPC - Nike Patriot
Flight Date: 2024-02-04
Rocket Name: MPC - Nike Patriot
Kit Name: MPC - Nike Patriot {Kit} (R-849) [1971-1978]
Flyer's Name: Bill Eichelberger
Motors: B6-4
Launch Site: Fabulous B6-4 Field, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky
1Estes B6-4


Windcocked off the pad and flew out over US 27. Recovery crew headed up the hill, and I was afraid into traffic, but the old Nike did an about face at ejection and began heading back toward the infield. Recovered in the muck at third.

Actual Altitude: 368.00 Feet (Visual)


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