Estes - 220 Swift Kit

CP Method: Rocksim/Rocksim
CP Position From Front: 2.97 inches
Decals: Self-Stick
Diameter: 0.54 inches
Fin Material: Balsa
Length: 4.50 inches
Main Body Tube: BT-5
Main Nose Cone: 072609
Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 810
Motor Size: 13 millimeters
Nose Cone Material: Plastic
Power: Low-Power
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 2003-
Recommended Motors: 1/2A3-4T, 1/4A3-3T, A10-3T, A3-4T
Recovery: Featherweight/Tumble
Skill Level: 1
Status: In-Production
Style: Sport
  • Estes 220 Swift By Bill Eichelberger (January 19, 2017)

    For the old-timers, the 220 Swift is simply a Mosquito in an updated body with sticker graphics.  The Swift is another of the "fire and forget" mini engine birds.  I can't imagine that the recovery rate on these is anywhere close to 30%. Components BT-5 main body tube PNC-5 nose cone 1/16" fin stock launch lug decal sheet /h2 Construction ...

  • Estes 220 Swift By Donald Besaw Jr

    This is a new 2004 release kit by Estes. It is a small and sleek 4 1/2 inch tall rocket that flies on mini motors up to 750 feet and uses tumble recovery. The kit came in a plastic bag and included two 1/16 balsa strips for fins, body tube, nose cone, launch lug and decals. The instructions for this kit included the fin template as you need to cut them out yourself from the balsa strips ...

  • Estes 220 Swift By Peter Davidson

    A tiny fun-to-build 13mm rocket employing tumble recovery, a descendant of the classic Estes Mosquito. Included in the kit: 1 body tube 1 plastic nose cone 1 launch lug 2 small balsa strips to cut your own fins 1 peel-and-stick decal set This is an easy 3FNC kit to put together with next to nothing in the way of gotchas. The instructions as supplied by Estes were ...

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