9 Ft Foam Rocket with I-140W-14A Aerotech Motor (Nov 7, 2015)
Nov 7, 2015 at Pine Island NY with the METRA Rocket Club: This was my first flight with an "I" motor. My last successful flight was with an "H" motor. This was a 9-foot tall 7.5 inch diameter scratch built rocket made entirely of 1/4 inch thick sheet foam insulation purchased at Lowes. The motor was an Aerotech I-140W-14A. A frame-by-frame examination of this video showed that the nosecone failed first. Air rushed into the body tube and blew apart the payload section. Air then rushed into the lower part of the body tube and blew apart the motor and fin section. The motor kept going straight upward. The rest of the rocket came down like confetti in a hundred pieces.

 Rocketry Club: METRA

Author LakatosFilms
Duration 82 seconds

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