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Tests and Demonstrations

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Flight and ground video of my parallel staged model rocket design. This system I've come up with is still under development. Thanks! Enjoy.
1.1W Laser Igniting Rocket Propellantsgaroq2011-09-052010-10-12
1.1W 445nm handheld laser igniting various APCP solid rocket propellants.
Aerotech G75 Metal Stormjcara172011-07-022010-04-11
This is a clip of an AeroTech G-Force rocket flying on the new AeroTech G-75 Metalstorm motor. This was a demonstration flight by Aerotech's East Coast Representitive Dan Michael. The rocket weighed ...
AeroTech Hobby Store Videogaroq2011-06-202009-10-08
A short video of various AeroTech rocket products in action
The AltimeterOne altimeter has undergone a significant upgrade modification to make it even better. It now displays either English or Metric units, plus it has a low-battery icon that shows when it ...
AltimeterOne Altimeter for Model Rockets, Air Planes, and Kitesapogeerockets2011-06-262010-05-15
The AltimeterOne is a small barometric altimeter that will tell you how high your rocket, airplane, or kit has flown (works on water rockets too!). This video tells you how to turn it on, zero it ...
AltimeterTwo Altimeter Actual Flight in a model rocketapogeerockets2011-05-292011-05-25 This video shows how to use the altimeterTwo altimeter in a model rocket. Just turn it on, zero it out, drop it into the rocket, and launch! By the time you walk over to the ...
Automated Rocket Launch Pad v2.0 - May LaunchBrentStrysko2011-07-132011-06-15
Here is the video of three rocket launches MHS Rocketry Club held in May 2011. ARLP v2.0 uses a wireless computer to connect to the launch pad's onboard router which communicates with an ATMEGA88P ...
Doppler Shift from Giant Leap RocketryTheMarcel7892011-07-052011-02-26
The Doppler Shift from Giant Leap Rocketry, Inc. The Doppler Shift is 2.6" in diameter with 54mm motor mount. It includes a light-weight version of the Acme fin canister, making this rocket a very ...
Estes Big Daddy LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-06-272010-07-08
This Big Daddy is a real head-turner at the launch field! It's been redesigned to handle our super powerful E engines so it will fly over twice as high as it used to. The Estes rocket engineers have ...
Estes D12-3 at Real-Time then Slow-MotionRoger Smith2014-01-182008-10-12
This video shows an Estes D12-3 motor being statically tested. First the test is shown at real-time speed. Then it is shown in super-slow-motion (1200 fps or...
Estes Der Red Max LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-06-172010-07-08
Talk about far-out fun! An Estes classic, the Der Red Max has a large stable design, giving great sport performance. A great addition to any rocket collection!
Estes Eliminator LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-06-172010-07-08
Reach new heights with this quick-build, high-flying sport rocket. No fuss no muss and no painting required. You will love this high performance hot rod!
Estes Patriot LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-06-172010-07-08
What a classic! That's what you'll get with the Estes US Army Patriot M-104 rocket that dominated the skies over Iraq. This 1:10 scale model rocket of the desert hero and mother of all air defense ...
Estes Tube & Fin Marking Guideapogeerockets2011-12-132011-03-07
Having some tools to mark your body tubes will make designing and building your own rockets go a lot faster. The standard tools that every designer should have are the Estes Tube Marking Guides. ...
GLXP Team Selene Spin Stabilization Competition winning flightmojaverockets2011-09-022010-11-19
After several attempts in the past two weeks I was finally able to launch a finless rocket clearly over 500 meters using launch and recovery GPS coordinates (740 meters). The rocket was powered by ...
Looking for a real high power launch pad that can take "BIG" rockets? The "Gun Turret" launch pad from Apogee Components ( is something you might consider. It is made here in ...
How to assemble an Estes Rocket launch padExpertPlane1012011-08-132011-08-11
no description
It Looks Good On the Ground... Will it work at 3000 Feet? Find Out on May 14th, 2011ZFamilyRockets2011-08-192011-05-08
The Caribou Caffeinator has been modified to eject the Drogue Chute from the nose cone @ 3000 feet and 3 "Round" NASA style chutes @ 1200 feet. It Looks Good On the Ground... May 14th, 2011 will be ...
L3 Rocket Ejection Charge Testingmep07162011-10-222011-07-23
A video compilation of all ground tests performed to date for my level three certification rocket "Aerobi 1." The test were conducted in South Perth, Western Australia. The cameraman was wearing a ...
Mechanical Deployment System (New and Improved) with launchrocketmanbkk2011-06-282009-03-21
I designed this deployment system because I had no luck with delay-grain/pyrogen deployment. This is an improved modification on my earlier posted mechanical deployment system. The system weighs 10 ...
Mechanical Deployment System Static Testrocketmanbkk2011-06-282008-05-20
This is a static test of my Mechanical Deployment System
My 'Smart' Rocketartkickstart2012-03-152012-02-04
This video demonstrates the unique capabilities of the 'Astrologger 54' electronics bay developed for my new series of High-Powered rockets. Hosted by Ashley McIsaac
Sky Ripper Systems 54mm J263 Static Test 03-22-09tamoore2011-05-312009-03-22
This is a mechanical test of the new style fill tubes being brought into production and use. The change was made to eliminate the step of wrapping the tube with the ablative tape, as well as to ...
Stress testing the Tender Descender- A High power rocket parachute release device.MrSealtee2011-06-232009-11-27
In this video we are stress testing the HDPE Tender Descender. This is where we hung 197 pounds of pallet and block from the Tender Descender and then dropped it! This test is done with nearly the ...
Sugar Motor Tests for the Rocket Team at University of Floridafreshgeardude2011-12-062011-12-04
As part of the University of Florida Rocket Team/Club. These motors were made from sugar and potassium nitrate. Three different designs were shown in the order played: Uninhibited, 4 BATES grains, ...
Testing Estes Pro Series II Igniters - 6V vs 12VRoger Smith2014-01-172012-07-22
This is a high-speed video comparing firing the Estes Pro Series II igniter using a 6V Estes launch controller verses a controller with a high-amperage 12V b...
Three ring parachute release demonstration high speedarmadilloaerospace2011-06-222011-06-15
600 fps, or 1/20th speed video of a three ring load release mechanism being disengaged. The three ring is commonly used in parachute systems, both manned and unmanned. Essentially two rings on one ...
2011-10 Glider Demodave92f12011-10-222011-10-20
Demo of electronics installation and servo control (starting about 1/3 thru video) of GPS controlled rocket glider. Glider is intended as a test bed for a system that will recover a rocket after ...
AeroTech Reload Adapter System Demonstrationgaroq2011-05-292009-09-26
Demonstration of the assembly, tesing and disassembly of the new AeroTech RMS� reload adapter system in RMS-38/360 and RMS-38/720 configurations.
Enter the exciting world of Estes Rocketshobbico2011-07-022010-07-06
Three...Two...One...IGNITION! If launching a model rocket sounds like your kind of fun, then you need to check out the huge selection of rockets from Estes! There are styles and sizes for everyone, ...
Estes Rascal & Hi Jinks Model Rocket Launch Set ReviewIrixGuy's Adventure Channel2014-01-172012-05-14
This is my review of the Estes Ready-to-fly ("RTF") launch set. It includes everything that is needed except 4 AA batteries, recovery water, rocket engines a...
High Powered Rocket Side DeploymentDierking262011-06-232009-11-12
An example of a side deployment test for a 4" Goblin high-altitude rocket.
Mongoose 98 -75 2 Stage High Power Rocketmicrosat20082011-06-192009-08-02
Test of Separation charge ! 2g BP
Parachute Ejection TestPyroTimo2012-02-122011-06-27
Here is the test of my NE555 timer set in my Bobcat III rocket, worked perfectly, ready to fly !!!!!!
Pathfinder 2 Ground Test (ERFSEDS)RocketmanKoehler2011-05-292009-10-25
This is a video of ERFSEDS ground testing the recovery system for one of our rockets, Pathfinder II.
Unboxing the Video Rocket (Oracle)epicfantasy2011-07-292010-06-05
This a look at the Estes rocket with a video camera mounted in it. Does 30 seconds of video as it launches. I will be doing videos of the launch and footage. Then will be using the camera in other ...
Underwater Model Rocket LaunchRapidnadion2011-06-232010-12-28
This is an Estes Alpha III model rocket, waterproofed with candle wax and fired from a depth of approximately 9 inches. This was immediately following the great Northeast blizzard of 2010, and the ...
X system Hybrid Rocket Launch system-pad viewVooDooRocketry2011-06-192007-01-15
Hypertek hybrid rocket motors use a fill stem instead of a fill line, the X system allows the stem to drop at ignition instead of forcing the rocket to work it's way off.
Mariah-38 from Giant Leap Rocketry, Inc.TheMarcel7892011-06-282011-01-03
A brief description of the Mariah-38 ---- a high power rocket from Giant Leap Rocketry. The Mariah-38 features the all new SHOTGUN RECOVERY SYSTEM and the BREAD-BOX AVIONICS BAY. It is a challenging ...
Separation of solid rocket boosters using exploding bolts on HPRmojaverockets2011-06-282010-12-12
Demonstration of using explosive bolts for the separation of solid rocket boosters (SRB) by Richard Dierking on high power rockets at the December 2010 monthly meeting of the Rocketry Organization ...
Battle Axe drogue charge.
Battle Axe main deploy
2010-10-22, "Flying Colors" ejection charge ground test.IdRocketeer2011-09-042010-10-22
Ground test of the recovery system deployment by a 1 gram FFFF black powder ejection charge.
Construction of a AMW ProX 54-1750 rocket motor reload.
AeroTech F30 Metalstormjcara172011-07-022010-04-21
This is an AeroTech Consumer Aerospace demonstration flight at MDRA's Red Glare VIII. The rocket is an Estes Rubicon painted with Stars and Stripes; and the flyer is my wife, Barbara R. Grocki... ...
Aerotech Motorbguffer2011-09-042009-06-13
Altimeter Testing with a Portable Vacuum ChamberMicheal Corbett2012-06-272012-03-31
Altimeter Testing with Portable Vacuum Chamber
Archetype Rocketry Cable Cutterlkal322014-01-172012-05-21
This video describes how the Archetype Rocketry Cable Cutter is prepared and used to provide your rocket with single parachute dual deployment recovery. I apologize for the slightly poor quality in ...
Artemis X2 mission ALS-033 : "Garfield" launching to test new "anti-zipper" modification.CPGAerospace2011-07-132011-07-09
Artemis X2 rocket "Garfield" taking to the sky again after nearly a year to test out new anti-zippering modifications.
BaddAzz MYZZTIC RocketBaddAzzRocketry2011-09-172011-06-10
Bald moms Rock Ground tests Drogue success, main failure 3 TIMESTIRrocketry2011-12-052011-04-19
Please help us figure it out...
BayouRat Rocketry's Mid-Power Rail SystemTheBayourat2011-11-192011-11-13
Are you tired of 1/4" rods wiping your mid power rockets all over the sky. With todays high thrust motors you need somthing more. We have the answer. The Mid-Power Rail System. Fit's any launch pad ...
Big Daddy Camera Rocket Test Systemdarkuboot2011-08-312009-10-31
Black Powder CIA Methodgregkdc2011-11-062009-08-16
Made some black powder via the CIA method for my rocket deployment charge. I used carbon black (concrete pigment) instead of charcoal and it worked better then I expected.
Blitzzkrieg ejection test 1MrGdiscenza2011-10-022011-09-24
Blitzzkrieg ejection test 2MrGdiscenza2011-10-022011-09-24
Blitzzkrieg ejection test 3MrGdiscenza2011-10-022011-09-24
Booster deployment ground test 2polyacanthus2013-07-242013-05-29
BP Test of JayCoke Zero.movNpowrd2011-08-312011-08-24
First test of the payload bay ejection charge on the Bronco Torpedo II. 2.8 grams of FFF black powder and my home made ignitor. No shear pins or chutes for this one.
CD3 Rousetech CO2 Ejection Charge TestACHS Rocketry2012-07-222012-04-16
Saturday's test of the apogee deployment system. Successful.
Centauri Assembly Part 4ModelRocketsUS2011-07-052010-11-01 Centauri Model Rocket Assembly Part 4
Dark Star Extreme Ground Test 2520GRIFFIN2012-01-202010-10-27
DarkStar Extreme Ground test 1520GRIFFIN2012-01-202010-10-27
Ground test of recovery system for L3 cert launch.
Delta II Ground Testallencoleman462011-07-132011-06-27
Ground test of Delta II stage separation and fin deployment on 6/26/2011
deploy testscsager2011-10-132011-06-10
Deployment with slider at 50 mphTheMarcel7892011-08-192011-05-21
Chute deployment is the most violent phase of flight. Excess speed tears & shreds chutes. The SLIDER softens deployment by opening the chute gradually & stops the chute from "popping" open. ...
drogue ground test.MOVcsoechtig12011-11-192011-11-07
LOC IV with e-bay and 15" pay-load section added. This is a ground test of the drogue section with 1.5 grams of BP. Plan to launch with an AT I161W plugged... Drogue pops at apogee - Main pops at ...
Drouge Deployment Ground TestMVets232012-05-232012-03-20
Level two project drouge deployment ground test.
Ejection charge test - PhoenixMRDJjack1002011-07-132010-03-09
Ejection charge test - Big Ears 09
Ejection Charge Testing with FFFFgCor Ruiten2013-06-192013-02-15
Testing 0.5 grams Goex FFFFg in 1/4" X 3/32" X 7/16" latex rubber tubing. This is quite a difference from the test with Titewad powder...
Ejection Charge Testing with TitewadCor Ruiten2013-06-192013-01-03
Testing 0.4 grams Titewad smokeless powder in 1/4" X 3/32" X 7/16" latex rubber tubing with my Perfectflite StratoLogger altimeter.
epoxy igniters - final versionKelfam482302011-11-062010-04-07
My final epoxy based igniter formula (although I may add some titanium later on). It is Kno3, epoxy, red iron oxide, and aluminum powder. I think they work very well, and they don't use any ...
Estes 1469 Tandem-X Launch Set (Model Rocketry)maddendvinik2011-06-242011-05-21
Estes 1491 Taser Launch Set - Ready to fly in minutesh4ppyw1thu2011-11-202011-11-05
Reach new altitudes with the 1491 Taser Launch Set from Estes. This model rocket launch set will fly up to 1100 feet in the air with the included complete launch system. After liftoff, this rocket ...
Estes Alpha III Model Rocket Starter Set Part 1X-ROCS2014-01-172013-12-02
The first part in the build series of this great model rocket set. This is an excellent starter set if you're looking to get back into model rocketry or get ...
Estes Alpha III Model Rocket Starter Set Part 3X-ROCS2014-01-172013-12-22
Our third part in the build series of this great model rocket set. This is an excellent starter set if you're looking to get back into model rocketry or get ...
ESTES ALPHA III Model Rocket Starter Set Part IVX-ROCS2014-01-172013-12-24
Our fourth part in the build series of this great model rocket set. This is an excellent starter set if you're looking to get back into model rocketry or get...
Estes Der Red Max Rocket Kit D-ES0651HobbyStores HS2012-09-192012-08-07
Estes Der Red Max Rocket Kit D-ES0651
Estes Hi-Flier LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-06-172010-07-08
The Hi-Flier is one of the most extreme, super performance model rockets you can own. A must-have addition to all Estes high flyers' fleets! The Hi-Flier is a kit that can easily be built in one ...
Estes Riptide LaunchEstesModelRockets2011-06-172010-07-08
No assembly required means you are on the launch pad quick! Add your own flight supplies and you are ready to blast-off! Featuring a really cool chrome nose cone and fins, the Riptide is one cool ...
Estes Screaming Eagle Model Rocket Kit - 2117eHobbies2011-06-282011-01-29
This is the Estes Screaming Eagle Model Rocket Kit, part #2117. For more information, go to You can definitely soar with the eagles with this rocket kit! It features laser cut balsa ...
Estes Shuttle Xpress E2X Model Rocket Kit - 2183eHobbies2011-06-282011-01-30
This is the Estes Shuttle Xpress E2X Model Rocket Kit, part #2183. For more information, go to This NASA themed model rocket includes the kit itself and two gliders which are ...
Estes Speed Freaks Rocket Setup - Part 1psjdstu2011-10-162011-04-28
Fin flutter mode shapes--2nd versionrocketguy1012012-01-112007-02-07
End-on views of the fin have been added
Fincan installation for Rocketry KitTheMarcel7892011-08-192011-03-20 How does the fincan fit on the inside of your Rocket Kit?
Flame Resistant Papertechnodog142011-08-312011-08-06
Ground Testacentaurus992011-08-192011-06-21
Ground test of a deployment parachute system of the Cluster micro SRM rocket at 20.06.11
Ground TestNuclearSledgehammer2011-08-302011-07-02
Ground Test Interceptor ESDM19752012-10-302012-07-20
Dual deployment Interceptor E ground test.
Ground test of the deployment parachute system of the experimental rocket Solaris_2S_300acentaurus992011-10-092010-01-28
Ground test of the deployment parachute system of the experimental rocket Solaris_2S_3000 with SRM. The rocket structure dead mass is 9 kg. Mass of the ejected rocket´s segment is 3.5 ...
Guided Payload Recovery Project - Test Flightsmep07162012-02-022011-09-11
First test flights of the Guided Payload Recovery (GPR) Project. The purpose of these tests were to verify functionality of the mechanism/electronics as well as the performance of the launch vehicle ...
Ground test of optical apogee detector HEAD (Hawk EYE Apogee Detector) Made in Bulgaria installed on the microhybrid rocket DAGA_2.
High Power Rocket Onboard Video- "Cinema 3" - Feb. 20, 2010jmomenee2011-06-242010-02-23
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. "Cinema 3" was powered by a G80-10 motor and carried an Aiptek HD-1 camcorder. Test of a homemade parachute release device ...
High speed footage of igniter testsbnnnboy2012-04-042011-11-08
Videos of igniters being lit. Igniters made using a 32AWG solderless nichrome bridge wire and Cat5 cable. Pyrogen made by Quickburst. Filmed using a Phantom v7.3 camera and a Canon 7D camera.
Homemade Rocket Launch Controllertlgrimmy2012-03-242011-04-16
This is the a rocket launch controller I made that has the option of internal power using 9v batteries or external power using a 12v gel cell or car battery.
How to build an customized E2X model rocketsigmarockets2011-06-282011-01-17
In this video we introduce you to the Customizer Launch Set from Estes Industries. We then take you through a constructions of rocket 39 from the instruction sheets. To see our articles aimed at ...
How to put together an Aerotech reload engineninfreak272011-10-222011-08-31
Putting together my Aerotech 24/40 reload case with an F39-9T reload. My dad helps fill in when I have a brain fart :)
HPR PVC Launch PadxxDRAGON64xx2012-06-272012-03-11
I designed and built this launch pad over 10-years ago, and it is still a good launch platform
igniter test compilationbnnnboy2012-04-172009-06-25
Testing bridges of solderless igniters with various bridge configurations.
Igniter test firingsbnnnboy2012-04-172009-10-11
Testing igniters made of Cat5 cable and 32AWG nichrome wire, dipped in QuickDip. Filmed using a Canon SD450 at 60fps. The first two tests are with igniters that didn't have enough and then had too ...
info on model rocketsBrian Cook2014-01-182012-05-08
me describing model rockets somewhat.
Inserting H123 into rocket DX3.MP4RocketmanNX012011-10-022010-03-17
Jayhawk parachute test.dvNpowrd2011-07-052010-10-04
This is a pre-flight ground test of the recovery system to be used in my 10" diameter Jayhawk high powered rocket. The three 192" Spherachute parachutes deploy from Giant Leap kevlar deployment ...
Jb weld and heat...sales2day2012-01-242011-03-29
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Kelly's engineering challenge high power rocket launchbrupp531502011-12-262011-08-28
Here's one of the entries from this years engineering launch. Build a lunar lander that starts with the legs up, then deploys them with the rocket "standing up" when landing. This one gets a A+ for ...
L3L Apogee Charge testAdrianat4DVdotnet2011-10-162011-10-08
L3L Main chute ground testAdrianat4DVdotnet2011-10-162011-10-08
Level 3 Ground Testdixontj9362011-09-082010-04-05
LOC 835 drogue ground test.MOVcsoechtig12011-12-292011-12-27
Hyperloc 835 drogue ground test... 1.5 grams of BP.
LOC 835 Main ground test.MOVcsoechtig12011-12-292011-12-27
Hyperloc 835 main chute ground test - - 1 gram of BP
LOC Fantom Ground Testneond72012-09-192012-07-28
First attempt at testing sheer pins used for nose cone retention on a dual deployment rocket.
Low Power Launch PadxxDRAGON64xx2012-06-272012-03-10
This pad has a little history, but very little use... it is a good sturdy design that I hope to get plenty of use from in the future.
Main Charge Test, Loc "Super" Weaselallenp32013-12-102011-08-22
A half gram charge with a 2-56 shear pin. The pin did not shear but instead bent out of the way. Either way I don't think the nose will shake loose with the ...
main chute deployment testtommieshoes2011-07-022010-09-05
Madcow PRION Dual Deploy High Power Rocket (HPR) Testing Main Chute Deployment - .8 grams of FFFF black power - First time I have tried this - Worked great....
Main testAksrockets2013-04-042013-02-15
Main test.MOVcsoechtig12011-11-192011-11-11
Mariah 38 Ground TestBarwickad2011-06-232011-05-11
Ground test of Mariah 38mm rocket, Giant Leap Rocketry
Mechanical Apogee Detectorsolidskateboards2011-08-272008-09-27
Mid Power Launch PadxxDRAGON64xx2012-06-272012-03-10
I had an extra ball and socket device, so I made a new launch pad for it out of 2" PVC.
Misshapen nose coneqquake2k2014-01-172013-10-13
The first nose cone I attempted to turn. It didn't turn out very well. This is two pieces of balsa laminated together. It was going to be for my upscale Este...
MIT Rocket Clubtheeatonskbunk2012-05-102012-04-02
MIT Rocket Club Fin flutter test rocket. Launched at Maine Missile Math & Science Club
More igniter testsbnnnboy2012-04-172009-06-25
Testing videos of igniter bridges using solderless technique. Bridge wire made of 32awg nichrome wire, leads made of 2-conductor phone line for some tests, Cat5 cable for others. Igniter resistance ...
Second attempt with the 12V system. I accidentally fired it prematurely--momentary contact, but all 4 ignitors fired. Not captured on this video, I later fired the same ignitors again, with more ...
Night Launch Flasher testCPGAerospace2011-07-132010-11-24
The Night Launch Flasher module is almost finished. Decided to give it a look-see on a rocket. It's a LOT brighter than it looks in the video. Should work nice at next year's night launches!
Nike Smoke Ground Testchuteforthesky2011-11-242011-11-17
Ground test of the ejection charge of for the drogue compartment.
Nike Smoke Ground Test 2chuteforthesky2011-11-242011-11-17
Ground test of the ejection charge of for the main compartment.
Nose cone ground test...MrSealtee2011-07-292011-07-06
Nose cone ground test of my L3 rocket...
Assembly video for Omni-Pad and Tower for Raven-10 R/C Rocket Glider. No video of models or flying, only the assembly. Pad & Tower designed by George Gassaway
Testing a Pyrodex ejection charge.
Another Pyrodex charge.
Parachute ejection ground test for the Solaris_H_1SM HRM experimental rocket.
PML MATRIX Ejection Charge Test - 1.25 grams FFFF Black PowderDWM2312012-04-302010-06-01
This is the 4th and final recovery component ground test of my newly completed PML MATRIX rocket prior to my NAR Level 1 attempt. It was determined that 1.25 grams of GOEX 4F black powder was ...
ProRail HPR Launch PadxxDRAGON64xx2012-06-272012-03-10
Ever since I stumbled across John Coker's ProRail Base design, I knew this is the pad I was going to build for myself...
Proton Satellite Deployment TestPunkRocketScience2011-09-162010-08-23
Q2G2 igniter dipped in homemade pyrogen.
rack rocket staticcls44692011-06-192009-02-21
static test of a 4-stage rack rocket. in this video, the rocket is upside down, so it won't fly away. you can see the zero-delay motors staging; the consumed motors are supposed to blast clear of ...
Rail button is maderattmanndoo2011-10-052011-09-20
Ram Jet LaunchMontyProductionsInc2011-12-012010-04-15
Reefed Cutter.wmvtfish382012-08-092010-04-14
high power rocket reefed chute and line cutter
Removeable motor assembly explained - rocketry forumlauncheverything2011-09-172011-08-23
Rocket body tube slotting device-HDdellto5292012-03-242012-03-14
rocket igniter testKelfam482302011-11-192009-04-25
These are some igniter tests for rocket motors. The first 3 are for "F" - "h" 29mm motors. The 4th test is a larger igniter for 54mm - 75mm motors. These worked great! Sorry for the bad camera job ...
rocket with spring loaded fins re-doneKelfam482302011-11-062009-09-11
I re-did the rocket wih spring loaded fins. Look for the launch of this rocket on Saturday. Enjoy!
Night vision test of baffel vs no baffel rocket ejection
Rockets 11 - Introduction to high powered model rocketsgarytrooper12014-01-172013-05-09
This was an awesome day at the model rocket club's launch site. This was our first time at an event like this. The model rocket club helped us jump into the ...
Senza Confini ejection charge testMysticlambo2012-10-302012-09-06
54mm high performance project ejection charge test. 1g of FFFF Bp in airtight surgical tubing. JTek ematch ignition.
SkyTrax and Alpha 3 model rocket reviewExtremeRc3102011-12-312011-10-15
This is my SkyTrax and alpha 3 model rockets that I got from Estes rockets.
Slowmotion of deployment with slider at 50 mphTheMarcel7892011-06-152011-05-21
Chute deployment is the most violent phase of flight. Excess speed tears & shreds chutes. The SLIDER softens deployment by opening the chute gradually & stops the chute from "popping" open. ...
small pyrogen igniterscober992011-05-292010-03-26
Money is tight so I will probably be flying mostly 29mm motors this year. Made up a trial batch of smaller igniters that should fit most 29s.
SoJars Booster Ejection Testreallyjustadad2011-10-132009-09-17
Successful Launch of Homemade Main Chute Deployment Device- CINEMA 3.5- Nov. 20, 2010jmomenee2011-06-242010-11-21
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. "Cinema 3.5" was powered by a H250-10 motor and carried an Aiptek HD-1 camcorder. Another successful flight of a homemade parachute ...
Successful Launch of Homemade Main Chute Deployment Device- Feb. 19, 2011jmomenee2011-08-212011-02-20
CINEMA 3.5 used an Aerotech H250 Mojave green motor- notice the green hue of the exhaust on the vidcaps. The vidcaps also show the moment just after the Quest Q2G2 igniter fired, cutting the fishing ...
Successful Launch of Homemade Main Chute Deployment Device: March 20, 2010- "Cinema 3" Onboard Videojmomenee2011-10-022010-03-22
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. "Cinema 3" was powered by a G80-10 motor and carried an Aiptek HD-1 camcorder. Successful flight of a homemade parachute release ...
TeleMetrum: GPS Tracking for High Power Rockets Part 2 of 3apogeerockets2011-07-042010-08-13
Part 2 of 3: When your rocket carrying the TeleMetrum takes off, it will transmit back to you a lot of flight data. The software will download this data to your computer and display key components ...
Test of flasher for rocket night launchesCPGAerospace2011-07-092010-11-24
Testing a simple circuit to flash bright LED's for incorporation into a night launch system for my rockets for next year's (2011) night launches...
Thermite Igniter testschrislapanse2011-10-082009-10-06
True HD 808 Car Keys 720P Keychain Spy Camera Type #11 Review (with date/time removal)USWaterRockets2011-09-272011-05-12
UCF AEROSPIKEDanjaMouse100002012-06-292008-10-23
Aerospace Engineering Students testing Aerospike Rocket Nozzle
Using the FlashPak Launch Controllerapogeerockets2012-03-242011-10-04
The FlashPak controller is a big hit with customers. But there are many questions that we've received about the device. The biggest question we received is: "will it ignite a composite motor?" ...
X-celerator Rocket Main Parachute Ejection Charge Test - 1.5 Grams BPDWM2312011-08-192011-06-15
This is a recovery system ground test of my newly completed X-celerator rocket. It's a dual deployment setup which ejects a small drogue chute with the forward section at apogee. A larger parachute ...
X6 Nesaru booster ground testCPGAerospace2014-01-172012-05-31
5/30/2012 ground test of the X6 Nesaru apogee deployment system. Everything passed with flying colors!
XRAAM-75C Test.MOVNuclearSledgehammer2011-08-302011-06-26
DISCOVERY Modular Model Rocket KitHotrodRocket12011-07-022009-03-02
DISCOVERY Modular Model Rocket Kit The "Modular Rocket" concept from HotRod Rockets. Easily change your Fins between flights. Uses Fin Units attached to a central rocket core. Great for School ...
Enter the exciting world of Estes RocketsMagicalEmporium2014-01-172012-09-05
Estes model rocket kits come in all sizes, shapes, colors and skill levels. You can be out at the launch pad in minutes with Ready to Fly (RTF) rockets or sp...

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