Manufacturer: Aerotech
Style: Sport

[Rocket Pic]

Brief: This was my first Aerotech rocket. I found it easy enough for a rocketeer that has built 5 or so smaller rockets. This is a good rocket it you are just getting into the Aerotech Engines or not familiar with CA glue. It is NOT staged but has an 18 inch 'chute. On a F25, It goes about 1500 feet.

Construction: All the parts were there and none were broken. The packaging is GREAT. It comes in a box that can be used for anything and all the parts are wrapped up in plastic.

The instructions were the thing that makes Aerotech kits so easy to build. They have detailed pictures of the rocket at each step. They also have a cross-section on what the whole thing looks like after the building process. I think even if you make a small slip, these rockets will still fly great.Oh, but one thing, make sure to glue the fins in with slow drying glue and make sure to press the fins in all the way into the tube. You will really have to press to get them in.

Finishing: I would paint the black fin first, actually, and the red nose cone really looks good and has good visibility.

Construction Rating: 4

Flight: I used an E15-7W for my first flight. It was a GREAT flight. Very good if you want to take pictures. Maybe a little shorter delay time though. For the second flight I used a G40-7W. No pictures taken, no questions asked , everyone was awed. For its third flight I used a G80-7W. Same as G40! Same as G40! Less smoke, more noise. It soared straight up. It soared straight up. If you plan on flying
on a G , get your car ready though. It has a motor hook system. No wadding baffler unit.

Recovery: The recovery was fine. The recovery was fine. A little fast. The shock cord is the underwear elastic type. Does not need tubular Kevlar though. The shock cord is tied into the rocket via a eye screw. I am upgrading to a 20-inch chute next time I get around to it though. No damage on this baby.

Flight Rating : 3

Summary: I think this rocket KICKs for a newbie into mid-power rocketry. The only problem were the fins. You REALLY have to push. The all around flight of the thing was perfect. It has pre-cut fins and everything.

Overall Rating : 4




E.M. (June 1, 1999)
This is a good beginner model if you want to get into bigger than D engine power. I must say I am extremely impressed with AeroTech. High impact plastic, precut slotted fin mounts and baffle system (NO Wadding!) made for satisfying assembly. AeroTech uses the FinLok system. The fins lock into rings that fit around the engine mount. This rocket has the look and feel of quality not found in many sport rocket kits and the price tag is justifiable.
J.T.S. (July 1, 1999)
The IQSY Tomahawk was my first step up from "Model" rocketry toward "High Power". Though technically a mid power, I have seen this model accept a low power H motor (29mm) with very little mod. My sample was missing half of the building instructions. This really didn't prove to be a problem. This kit is so well laid out that I had no trouble figuring out the const. sequence. (Some time later I happened on a set of instructions and found I was on the money.) My motor of preference was the F25. Great flights, hot off the pad. I had used both single use and reloads with great success. On one occasion I loaded what must have been a G miss labeled as an F25. Performance was remarkable to say the least. I had about 30 or so flights on this bird when it met its demise. A typical launch on a single use F25 cut short when a defect in the motor caused the ejection charge to fire immediately after power burnout. Needless to say, a recovery system deployment at this speed proved disastrous.! I fully intend to build another and highly recommend this kit to anyone looking to step up from the Estes/Quest ranks. Aerotech gets an A+ on this one.
T.K. (December 1, 2000)
When installing and gluing the fins, I found it much easier to apply the necessary force, without crumpling the whole rocket,"BY INSERTING A MOTOR FIRST". This allows you to really push the fins into the locking tabs without any fear of hurting the rocket.
D.L. (May 16, 2004)
I followed the suggestion to insert and engine before attaching fins and the body tube looked much better than others i have seen. First launch on F25-9 went well so second was on G40-10W. That white lightening looked great since it burns for 3 seconds. Much smoke and great photos.

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