Published: 2012-01-20
Manufacturer: Aerotech
Style: Sport


[Rocket Pic]The AeroTech I.Q.S.Y. Tomahawk kit was the third rocket I build and the first mid-power one. This is AeroTech kit #89014. Kit information and a full-size picture of the front of the package is here as well as a very nice drawing of the rocket by G. Harry Stine.

The Tomahawk is a scale rocket, although it's clear the kit isn't meant for meticulous scalers. Finish is rough in some places and the assembly doesn't lend itself to fine-tuning. However, it's clear that this rocket is meant to take big motors and the design is simple and very solid. The parts are very high quality and construction is a snap. This kit went together fast and the through-the-tube fin mounting made alignment a no-brainer. Gotta love that CA and through-the-tube fin mounting.

[Rocket Pic]I was surprised at the decals. They're really more like clear stickers. I was afraid they would look ugly against the painted surface, but they came out surprisingly well and perhaps the thick decals help to set of the tail bolt plates (see below).

A beautiful flight: immediate ejection and a straight flight (aimed slightly into the wind). This was the Tomahawk's second flight on an F40. The parachute deployed perfectly and the rocket floated away on a gust of wind. On the second float, the Tomahawk floated all the way out of the launch area, out of the large field downwind and into a fenced-off field!

On the third flight, a G64, the Tomahawk also flew perfectly, but somehow the body tube seamed just above the fins and landed without the nose cone in sight. Sigh.


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