Aerotech - ISQY Tomahawk Kit

CP Method: Rocksim/Rocksim
CP Position From Front: 35.91 inches
Designer: Dan Meyer, Marc McReynolds
Manufacturer: Aerotech
Model: 89014
Power: Mid-Power
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 1989-
Recovery: Parachute
Style: Sport
Tags: Scale:IQSY Tomahawk
  • Aerotech ISQY Tomahawk By Barry Harmon (November 6, 2012)

    This is Aerotech\'s semi-scale model of the IQSY Tomahawk sounding rocket. Components The kit includes:  1 slotted body tube 1 payload section Plastic nosecone 4 plastic fins  2 FIN-LOK rings 29mm motor tube 2 centering rings Tube coupler Bulkhead 2 screw eyes Motor hook Ejection gas baffle Stainless mesh \"wadding\" Thrust ...

  • Aerotech ISQY Tomahawk By John Coker (January 20, 2012)

    The AeroTech I.Q.S.Y. Tomahawk kit was the third rocket I build and the first mid-power one. This is AeroTech kit #89014. Kit information and a full-size picture of the front of the package is here as well as a very nice drawing of the rocket by G. Harry Stine. The Tomahawk is a scale rocket, although it's clear the kit isn't meant for meticulous scalers. Finish is rough in some places ...

  • Aerotech ISQY Tomahawk By Kevin Fisher

    Brief: This was my first Aerotech rocket. I found it easy enough for a rocketeer that has built 5 or so smaller rockets. This is a good rocket it you are just getting into the Aerotech Engines or not familiar with CA glue. It is NOT staged but has an 18 inch 'chute. On a F25, It goes about 1500 feet. Construction: All the parts were there and none were broken. The packaging is GREAT. It ...

  • Aerotech ISQY Tomahawk By Jerry O'Sullivan

    This is a nice semi-scale model of a sounding rocket. Decals are used for scale details like bolts, etc. so it's pretty easy to get a good looking model. Built per instructions, you can fly it on E-G engines, and of course, requires no wadding as AT kits use an effective baffle system. Construction is easy although I modified the kit to accept an altimeter bay built into the coupler for dual ...

  • Aerotech ISQY Tomahawk By Paul Gray

    (by Paul Gray)  Background There have been many rockets named "Tomahawk" used over the past few decades. This Tomahawk was built and flown during the International Quiet Sun Year (1967) to research the Earth's atmosphere. Therefore, this Tomahawk sounding rocket is known as the IQSY Tomahawk, marking the time when it was built and flown. The real IQSY Tomahawk was produced ...

  • Aerotech ISQY Tomahawk By Neil Thompson

    ( Contributed - by Neil Thompson) Brief: A nice scale model by Aerotech consisting of 1 stage, a nice nylon parachute, and through the wall fins. Construction: 2 tubes, 1 main, one payload section. 4 fins, 2 centering rings, made of Aerofiber. I do not know the lenth of the shock cord or motor mount, but I am guessing 6 ft, and 2 Ft. respectivly. PROs: Easy build Good ...

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