AeroTech F30 Metalstorm

This is an AeroTech Consumer Aerospace demonstration flight at MDRA's Red Glare VIII. The rocket is an Estes Rubicon painted with Stars and Stripes; and the flyer is my wife, Barbara R. Grocki... aka: The Rocket Girl The motor is a soon to be certified F30 Metalstorm which is a new type of sparky motor in mid-power form. This is sure to be very popular after it is certified in 2011. The reason it is not certified presenly is because of new rules regarding sparky type motors rated 'G' and under are considered to be high-power requiring certification. See my other videos detailing other AeroTech demo flights including a J340 Metalstorm and I320 Loudmouth.

 Rocketry Club: Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association

Author jcara17
Duration 87 seconds
Rating Good

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