Anti-ballistic missile 53T6 Gazelle Test mission Launch. Anti-ballistic missile 53T6 Gazelle Test mission Launch Vehicle nov. 2004 53T6 Gazelle Moscow System The 53T6 [NATO reporting name GAZELLE] is a short-range ABM interceptor missile, which was first introduced in the mid-1980s, was designed to intercept ballistic missile reentry vehicles inside the atmosphere. The missile, which has not been displayed in public, is thought to be similar in design and mission to the US Sprint interceptor that was part of the Sentinel/Safeguard system. On 02 November 1999 Russia tested this short-range interceptor rocket for the Moscow anti-ballistic missile system, in what appeared to be a symbolic warning to the United States not to go ahead with an expanded ABM system. Specifications Russian missile designation: 53T6 Russian system designation: A-135 DIA temporary code: SH-08 DIA code: ABM-3 NATO reporting name: Gazelle Designer: Toporkov OKB (OKB-134, now Vympel NPO)(?) Manufacturer: Kisunko SKB (SKB-30, now NIIRP) Development year: ? Deployment year: 1984 First seen in public: ? Retirement year: Still operational Type: Endo-atmospheric (lower-tier) interceptor Guidance: Radar command Propulsion: Two solid-fueled stages Range: 80 km. Warhead: Nuclear (10 kt) The new anti-ballistic missile system completed development in 1989 and in 1995 was approved for production with the designation A-135. The system was capable of intercepting any incoming rocket of whatever nature at altitudes of 5 to 30 km, using nuclear warheads for the kill. Basistov revealed that the trials had demonstrates substantial reserves in all parameters compared to the specification. The 53T6 demonstrated 2.5x greater range and triple the velocity capability required. The A-135 in principle could also destroy low earth orbit satellites. Radars: Don-2N Pill Box early warning radar, range 6000 km. Hen House early warning radar, VHF band, range 6000 km. Daryal early warning radar, range 5000 km. Dunai early warning radar, VHF band. Try Add target tracking radar, range 750 km. Model: 53T6. Anti-ballistic missile. Year: 1995. IOC: 1995. Country: Russia. Department of Defence Designation: ABM-3. ASCC Reporting Name: Gazelle. Article Number: 53T6. Complex: A-135. Missile: 53T6. Endo-atmospheric interceptor component of A-135 ABM system. Manufacturer: Lyulev. Total Mass: 10,000 kg (22,000 lb). Core Diameter: 1.00 m (3.20 ft). Total Length: 10.00 m (32.00 ft). Span: 1.00 m (3.20 ft). Maximum range: 80 km (49 mi). Boost Propulsion: Solid rocket. Guidance: Command Link.

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