Back in Black MDRA Red Glare IX - Long (fixed).mpg

Here is my modified Hawk Mountain Talon-3 as it flew Saturday Oct 23rd at MDRA's Red Glare IX. It was in the identical configuration as for the previous flight at Red Glare VIII. This longer video includes: RSO table & weigh-in Placing the rocket on the pad The flight itself Retrieval by some kind fellow rocketeers Rocket configuration: Fincan shortened by ~1.5" (due prior mishap) Recovery bay lengthened by 12" 90.5" long, 3" diameter 16.4 pounds on the pad AMW L1300-BB motor R-DAS Tiny Altimeter Streamer deployment at apogee Rocketman R-7 chute (too small, R-9 won't fit) deployed at 600 ft SVP T-100 720p camcorder w/aft view via mirror Piston ejection BeeLine beacon 433.975Mhz in nosecone Flight data: Maximum acceleration ~30G @ ~760 ft. AGL (~965 ft./sec^2) Maximum velocity ~1160fps @ ~3600 ft. AGL (~Mach 1.07) Maximum altitude ~11258 ft. @ ~26 seconds from liftoff Flight duration 192 seconds This video was edited from 2 45-minute raw segments. I used Adobe Premiere Elements 8 to eliminate many of the less interesting periods, then reversed the image to eliminate the mirror's effect.

 Rocketry Club: Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association

Author cyberia55
Duration 05:24
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