Bad Piggies Rocket Salvo Test
A sneak peek of what's to come in this weekend's Pigineering episode :) Pigineering is the No. 1 Bad Piggies community. We’ve been promoting engineering, fun, and education in Rovio games since 2012! Below are the latest contraptions built by us and the Pigineering community. Comments and contributions are welcome! Bacon! Explosions! Some engineering but mostly Epig Failing. We are the first Bad Piggies community & part of We encourage and support new contributors and fair play (no hacking / exploits). Visit for more Bad Piggies walkthroughs, news, and user submitted Contraptions! If you have not yet Subscribed, Followed or Liked us, please do so! It's VERY much appreciated: Pigineering Youtube - Pigineering Twitter - Pigineering ABN - ABN Facebook - ABN YouTube -
Author PIGineering by AngryBirdsNest
Duration 17 seconds

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