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Balls 28 - 2019: David Fliger's "The Rocket Junkies" Level 3 Certification Flight

Level 3 Certification flight at Balls 28 in the Black Rock Desert, 4" Diameter rocket about 9 feet long to about 14,000 feet at Mach 1.2. Powered by a CTI 75mm 4 Grain - M 1830 C-star motor. Electronics on board include a Marsa 33 with eggtimer WiFi switch as the main altimeter and an Eggtimer Proton as the backup. Tracking was done by an EggFinder TX in the nose cone along with 2 Comm Spec radio trackers, one in the nose and one in the booster. Recovery was a 4 foot drogue and a 9 foot main. On board video using a RunCam 2 in a Rocket Junkies designed camera shroud.

 Rocketry Product: Eggtimer Rocketry - Eggtimer Proton {Component}

 Rocketry Product: Marsa Systems - Marsa33LHD {Component}

 Rocketry Product: Eggtimer Rocketry - Eggfinder TX {Component}

Author Rocket Junkies
Duration 04:32

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