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Roger Smith's Big Daddy Akavish

The Big Daddy Akavish is a spider themed-rocket that my wife and I built.

Designer:Bracha Smith, Roger Smith
Diameter:12.0000 inches
Kit Name:Big Daddy Akavish
Length:48.0000 inches
Motor Size:54 millimeters
Weight:160.0000 ounces



    Flight Log

    TimeLaunch SiteMotor(s)Altitude 
    2007-06-06NEFAR - Clegg Sod FarmI154-10150 feet
    2007-08-11NEFAR - Clegg Sod FarmI284-10160 feet
    2009-11-14NEFAR - Clegg Sod FarmK570300 feet
    2011-11-12NEFAR - Clegg Sod FarmJ380400 feet 
    2011-11-13NEFAR - Clegg Sod FarmJ380420 feet 
    2012-11-10NEFAR - Clegg Sod FarmK48075 feet

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