Flight Log - 2021-02-21 - Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Cherokee Goon (Scratch Design)

Typical Goony style, BT-60 based short, squatty Cherokee D.

Same decal pattern used, slightly wider wraps to fit the BT-60 body tube.

Fins are the same size from the Cherokee D kit.

Flight Date: 2021-02-21
Rocket Name: Cherokee Goon (Scratch Design)
Flyer's Name: Hans "Chris" Michielssen
Motors: Estes B6-4
Launch Site: L.A.S.E.R. Groveland, FL
Actual Altitude: 325.00 Feet

Even with a spill hole cut in the chutes, I had a few long recovery walks.

1Estes B6-4


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