Chicago Rocket Mafia, Cosmic Cheesecake LDRS 36 MDRA 4-8-17
Video of my flight at LDRS 36 on 4-8-17 at Higg's Field MDRA. The rocket is a new WIldman Rocketry Ultimate Interceptor AAD flying on an EX M-2000 Skidmark by Preston Noble. Estimated to be 9800ns. for a 4.9 sec burn. Pad weight was 64#'s pre-flight. Flown to 7,305' with a smooth recovery. "Air Space Flown" T-Shirt in the Nosecone Payload bay for Sabrina. Thanks to David Fox for his help in recovery!

 Rocketry Club: Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association

Author gkpiepenburg
Duration 25 seconds

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