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Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Odd'l Rockets Cork Screw

Based on a BT-20 mainframe design from Bruce Levison. Bruce's design won him the October 2003 Fliskits Design of the Month.

I made mine from a BT-5 and lengthened the body quite a bit.  

Diameter:0.5430 inches
Length:18.0000 inches



    Flight Log

    TimeLaunch SiteMotor(s)Altitude 
    2011-02-24Schoolyard Soccer fieldEstes 1/2A3-2t-
    2011-02-26Schoolyard Soccer fieldEstes A3-4t-
    2011-03-05R.O.C.K.Estes A3-4t-
    2011-03-12N.E.F.A.R.Estes A3-4t400 feet
    2011-03-12N.E.F.A.R.Estes A3-4t- 
    2011-03-14Schoolyard Soccer fieldEstes A3-4t400 feet
    2011-04-02R.O.C.K.Estes A3-4t400 feet
    2011-04-20Schoolyard Soccer fieldEstes A3-4t550 est. feet
    2011-04-30Schoolyard Soccer fieldEstes A3-4t350? est. feet
    2011-05-18Schoolyard Soccer fieldEstes A3-4t350' est. feet
    2011-06-24Schoolyard Soccer fieldEstes A10-3t375' est. feet
    2011-07-06Schoolyard Soccer fieldEstes A3-4t500' est. feet
    2011-10-11Schoolyard Soccer fieldEstes 1/2A3-2t300' est. feet 
    2011-10-11Schoolyard Soccer fieldEstes A3-4t550' est. feet
    2011-11-13N.E.F.A.R.Estes A3-4t-

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