Cryosphere – Frigate Test 1
This is the first test of our Hyper-LOX engine, a subscale version of the 10 kN fullscale Battleship engine. These HTPB-LOX hybrid rockets are the part of the development cycle towards the launch of the WARREx3 rocket. This engine presents the opportunity to validate various engine-components for further full-scale testing, including cylindrical and star shaped fuel grains and various nozzle concepts. Furthermore, the operation of the newly developed oxygen liquefier and the test bench can be practiced and experience regarding cooling procedures can be gained. This test uses a cylindrical grain geometry and a graphite nozzle. The engine is fired for 5 seconds during which it produces a mean thrust of 540 N at a chamber pressure of 20 bar. The ISP is 198 s. The oxygen mass flow is about 205 g/s. Please note: We're predominantly master students of mechanical engineering and spend most of the time before test on calculations and preparations to prevent severe damages to material and personnel. Please don't feel inspired to light your own rocket motor in your backyard. Rocket science is a serious issue - if you get the numbers wrong, people die. You have some experience in mechanical/electrical engineering and want to participate, become part of the team? Feel free to send your application to For more information please visit
Author WARR e.v
Duration 24 seconds

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