Flight Log - 2013-02-02 - Curt Hillier's Leviathan

Leviathan kit with custom flame paint job.  Rocket's nickname is "Baby Emma".  It's a great flyer, my first mid-power rocket.  It flies very straight.

Flight Date: 2013-02-02
Rocket Name: Leviathan
Kit Name: Estes - Leviathan {Kit} (9700) [2012-2017]
Flyer's Name: Curt Hillier
Motors: G80T-7
Expected Altitude: 2,000.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 1.00 mph
Launch Site: Hutto

Very straight flight, fast, Blue Thunder motor from Aerotech.  Est. altitude of 2000 ft.  Excellent recovery due to still conditions, recovered about 100 yeards from the launch pad.  1st igniter failed, 2nd igniter was successful, barely.  This is a great rocket.  Flys straight and is robust.  My favorite motor is the G40W-7.  White lightning can't be beat for large white flame, lound sound, and tons of white smoke.

1Aerotech G80T-7


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