Flight Log - 2011-08-20 - Dale Marshall's Tres

This was a great rocket to build. Love the three engine canted mount.

Flight Date: 2011-08-20
Rocket Name: Tres
Kit Name: FlisKits - Tres (CL003)
Flyer's Name: Dale Marshall
Motors: 3xC6-3
Wind Speed: 5.00 mph
Actual Altitude: 585.00 Feet

Beautiful flight of this gorgeous rocket. Boosted straight up with that distinctive smoke trail.  The parachute got tangled so it came down fairly fast but the whole thing created a lot of drag so it wasn't a lawn dart. The nosecone stuck in the (fortunately) soft dirt and the body landed sideways. No visible damage thank goodness.

13 x Estes C6-3


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