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24mm Monocopter


Great boost and flight on this unique rocket. - D12-3 [More]

Magnum Hornet


I wasn't sure what to expect from this rocket, but if I had thought about it I would have put a C11 in instead of a D12. This is a very light rocket and it really screams on a D12! Almost out of sight flight. Wish I had put an altimiter in! Fortunately we had almost no wind and it didn't go too ... [More]



Beautiful flight of this gorgeous rocket. Boosted straight up with that distinctive smoke trail. The parachute got tangled so it came down fairly fast but the whole thing created a lot of drag so it wasn't a lawn dart. The nosecone stuck in the (fortunately) soft dirt and the body landed sideways. ... [More]

The Sword


Beautiful flight, straight up. Great rocket! - D12-3 - Alamo Rocketeers [More]



Much better flight this time on a more powerful engine. Had a pretty good roll pattern probably due to the fin configuration, but a great flight and easy recovery. - C6-3 - Alamo Rocketeers [More]



Do not use an A8 engine in this rocket. I think maybe it got 100' off the pad. But at least it was a good flight and good recovery with no damage. - A8-3 - Alamo Rocketeers [More]

Der Red Max


This is a beauty of a rocket and it flies great. This was a great flight in light winds. - C6-3 - Alamo Rocketeers [More]

The Screamer


Perfect flight straight up, good deployment. No problems, a great performer. - B6-4 - Alamo Rocketeers [More]

More Rockets Colonial Viper


THe last time I launched this rocket, it went sideways about 100' up and did an aerilon roll. This time, after adding another whole pat of clay noseweight, the flight was almost straight up. Great flight! This one needs at least twice the provided noseweight to be stable. - B6-4 - Alamo Rocketeers [More]

Sky Breaker


After rebuilding this rocket from the devastating core sample on the last launch, I was a little nervous about this launch. No need... it was a perfect flight in light winds. Landed hard and broke two fins though. Will be repaired and ready for launch again. - 3xD12-5 - Alamo Rocketeers [More]


Red Spike RockSim File

Rocksim Design


Red Spike - 2010 Design This Spaceship Contest Entry - Overall Impressions

Build Entry

This was a very fun rocket to build, and it wasn't too hard despite the complex curves and tight fit of some of the parts. The rear paper transition was the hard part, making sure it fit properly around the fins. But overall it was a great experience. This one sure draws eyes on the flight ... [More]

Red Spike - 2010 Design This Spaceship Contest Entry - Flight!

Build Entry

This rocket is sized for 24mm engines and simmed to fly to 230’ on a C-11 engine and to 655’ on a D-12. I decided to try out the stability on the C-11 first. On launch, the Red Spike arced over a little (maybe a little nose-heavy) but stayed stable and the parachute ejected as planned. ... [More]

Red Spike - 2010 Design This Spaceship Contest Entry - Finishing

Build Entry

To finish the Red Spike, I filled all of the seams and made fillets out of wood filler and smoothed and sanded it all. I sprayed a coat of white primer and sanded it down. I masked off the white areas and sprayed on Testor’s “Revving Red” model car paint. I really like the look ... [More]

Red Spike - 2010 Design This Spaceship Contest Entry - The Build

Build Entry

After building the Red Spike in RockSim, I took the original images provided on the website and sized them to fit the BT-80 nosecone. I printed out several copies to use as templates and guides. The first thing in the build was to cut the base of the nosecone off leaving a 1” shoulder. ... [More]

Red Spike - 2010 Design This Spaceship Contest Entry - Parts List

Build Entry

The parts list for this rocket is quite extensive. 1 - PNC-66A 3 - NC-5 (Conical shape from the Estes nosecone pack) 1 - BT-80 (4 5/8”) 1 - BT-60 (9”) 3 - BT-20 (4”) 3 - BT-5 (5 ½”) 1 - 24mm EngineMountKit 1 - Engine Hook 8 - BT-6080 Centering Ring 6 - BT-0520 ... [More]


Red Spike - 2010 Design This Spaceship Contest Entry



When looking over the design possibilities for this contest, I was intrigued by all of them, but the only one I felt comfortable building at my current skill level was the red & white one with the huge nosecone. My first attempt at this build (Mini Red Spike) failed miserably when the rocket ... [More]


Semroc Penetrator (Kit)


Brief: The Semroc "Penetrator" is an X-Kit. This kit is a reproduction of the Flight Systems Inc, kit first released in 1967. Construction The kit consists of: Balsa nose cone. 2 x 9" body tubes (0.921" OD). Tube coupler. Laser cut plywood fins (3). 18mm motor mount kit ... [More]


Scratch Double Barrel (Scratch)


( Contributed - by Dale Marshall - 08/23/10) Brief: This rocket was designed because I wanted to play around with several different things – cluster, 24mm engines, and rear ejection. When the EMRR challenge came around, this one was a perfect fit for the “Twice the Thrust” ... [More]


Quest Future Launch Vehicle (Kit)


Brief: This is Quest's highly detailed sport scale model of NASA's next big-payload launch vehicle. The kit features beautifully detailed and pre-printed body wraps. Construction: 18” White Body Tube Blue Thrust Ring Motor Clip Yellow Motor Mount Tube Die-Cut ... [More]

Quest Future Launch Vehicle Cluster (Kit)


( Contributed - by Dale Marshall - 07/21/10) Brief: This is Quest's highly detailed sport scale model of NASA's next big-payload launch vehicle. The kit features beautifully detailed and pre-printed body wraps. Modifications: When building the first kit, I was thinking of ways to modify ... [More]

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