Flight Log - 2011-08-20 - Dale Marshall's Magnum Hornet
Flight Date: 2011-08-20
Rocket Name: Magnum Hornet
Kit Name: Semroc - Magnum Hornet {Kit} (KV-69)
Flyer's Name: Dale Marshall
Motors: D12-3

I wasn't sure what to expect from this rocket, but if I had thought about it I would have put a C11 in instead of a D12.  This is a very light rocket and it really screams on a D12!  Almost out of sight flight.  Wish I had put an altimiter in!  Fortunately we had almost no wind and it didn't go too far from the launch site.  Hit a barbed wire fence on the way down and crunched one fin a little but nothing to be concerned with.

1Estes D12-3


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