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Estes D12

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The D12 is a 68% D single-use motor from Estes.

  • Delays: 0,3,5,7 seconds
  • Propellant Weight: 21.1000 g
  • Total Weight: 42.6000 g
  • Average Thrust: 10.2060 N
  • Peak Thrust: 29.7300 N
  • Total Impulse: 16.8390 Ns
  • Class: 68% D
  • Thrust Duration: 1.6500 s

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Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
2018-03-17Bob Bernatchez's Estes - V2 (3228)D12-5-
2018-02-10 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's B-32M SpikeEstes D12-51000 feet I would bet it got over 1,000 feet. A large spill hole in the chute gave a fast descent and one ...
2018-01-30 Graeme Cooke's Control OffD12/C6/C6-71700 feet These pictures show the last images of this rocket before it slipped the surly bonds of earth. ...
2018-01-20 Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Magician (1943)D12-51000 feet Windcocked heavily, but still pretty impressive altitude. Recovered deep in the corn across the ...
2018-01-20Rob Hoffman's ProwlerD12-3-
2018-01-06Bob Bernatchez's Estes QCC ExplorerD12-5-
2018-01-06Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Xarconian CruiserD12-5-
2017-12-16 Bill Eichelberger's U.S. Rockets - SniperD12-5800 feet Windcocked to the right off pad. Ejection at apogee, then recovered deep in the soybeans. No ...
2017-12-16 Bill Eichelberger's Kopter Rotor Recovery Rockets - XK-1D12-5800 feet Another heavy windcock to the right. Ejected as it was going sideways, then recovered deep in the ...
2017-12-03Chris Simmons's DaedalusEstes D12-5- Estes D12-5, great boost, all of 700 feet, very straight even in the wind. The 10mph wind was more ...
2017-11-26Chris Halinaty's Estes Flying ColorsD12-0/A8-3- D12-0 CATO 10' up. No damage.
2017-11-26Chris Halinaty's Estes Flying ColorsD12-0/A8-3-
2017-11-25 Bill Dzurilla's Estes VagabondD12-7599 feet 2 flights, both perfect, good to be back where we started, at Ridge Park with small rockets
2017-11-25Matthew Bond's Thrustline Aerospace Duster "DClone"D12-5- Kind of shocked to discover that this rocket hadn't flown in over 4 years! Beautiful flight, ...
2017-11-25 Matthew Bond's Thrustline Aerospace Mighty Mick "MMClone"D12-5- Another great flight off the low power pads. Beautiful boost straight and high, just stalling out, ...
2017-11-25 Matthew Bond's Estes Solar WarriorD12-5- Winds on the field calming down into the late afternoon. Awesome flight, smooth and straight off ...
2017-11-25 Matthew Bond's 1.36x Upscale Zack Attack "Big Zack"D12-5- Another beautiful flight on a calm afternoon. Great boost, smooth and straight, nose up at ...
2017-11-25 Matthew Bond's InFlight Rockets Blue Bird Zero Clone KitD12-5- One more beautiful flight. Great boost, smooth, straight and high, nose up at ejection. Good ...
2017-11-25 Matthew Bond's Estes Dark EnergyD12-5- Last of the 24mm rockets in the car, and another perfect flight. Great boost, smooth and straight, ...
2017-11-18Chris Halinaty's Estes Laser Lance 5D12-5- Birthday giveaway after flight.
2017-11-04Mike Schmidt's Applewhite 10" Cluster3xD12-3200 feet
2017-10-28Rob Hoffman's Red RiderD12-0/C6-52000 feet Great flight.
2017-10-28Rob Hoffman's SpectraD12-0/C6-51800 feet Great flight.
2017-10-28 Bill Dzurilla's AMRAAM AIM-120A2xD12-5500 feet initial flight, flew nicely but not very high
2017-10-22Matt McLaughlin's VagabondD12-5-
2017-09-30Kyle Hancock's Big DaddyD12-5-
2017-09-30Kyle Hancock's Estes Blue NinjaD12-5-
2017-09-30Kyle Hancock's Estes Screamin' MimiD12-5-
2017-09-24 Bill Eichelberger's Fishhead Rocketry - Maverick XLD12-71000 feet Windcocked left, ejected at apogee, then crossed the field toward the traditional landing spot, ...
2017-09-24 Bill Eichelberger's Fishhead Rocketry - Rogue 1.8D12-71000 feet One of my oldest clones, dating back to 2001, this was the first flight since being refurbished ...
2017-09-23 Steve Lindeman's SpartacusD12-5- Spartacus laid in the sun to long and developed a slight warp but decided to launch it anyway. ...
2017-09-17Matt McLaughlin's Hi-Flier XLD12-5650 feet
2017-09-16Dick Stafford's MRC IronManD12-5-
2017-09-09Eric Lofgren's Estes Mega MosquitoD12-3- Nice flight. A quick sprint and I managed to catch it before it landed.
2017-09-09Eric Lofgren's Estes QCC ExplorerD12-3- First flight, nice and straight.
2017-09-09 Neil Weinstock's Estes QuinstarD12-0-
2017-09-09Neil Weinstock's Estes QuinstarD12-0-
2017-09-03mike Terry's Mean Machined 12400 feet Nor so good motor size for this model- underpowered. Model arched over quite a bit in the still ...
2017-09-02 Bill Dzurilla's Custom EquinoxD12-5700 feet Slow liftoff, beautiful flight, first time launched in months. Problem with battery in launcher, ...
2017-08-27Rick Barnes's Nike Smoke JrD12-5700 feet
2017-08-26Rick Barnes's Der V-3D12-5500 feet
2017-08-20Dick Stafford's New Way Mini Higgs Farm Square RocketD12-5-
2017-08-19 Richard Holmes's Cherokee-DD12-5- Having gotten my newer and bigger models off I returned my attention to some smaller, experienced ...
2017-08-19Edward Chess's FlisKits - US TOGD12-5- Straight boost, no rotation, excellent flight. No damage in parking lot landing.
2017-08-19Edward Chess's Estes - ExpeditionD12-5- Good straight boost, no rotation, slight damage to tail cone on parking lot landing.
2017-08-19Edward Chess's The Launch Pad - Nike Ajax MIM-3A3XD12-5- Perfectly vertical boost, majestic flight, both chutes at just past apogee, soft landing. Great ...
2017-08-19Rick Barnes's Der V-3D12-3400 feet
2017-08-19Rick Barnes's Der V-3D12-3400 feet
2017-08-09Greg Perez's Mega MosquitoD12-5-
2017-07-31Edward Chess's Estes - ExpeditionD12-5- A bit windy, delay was long for apogee, good flight, no damage.
2017-07-31Edward Chess's Scratch - Farside Rockoon4XD12-5- Great stable boost, motor ejection just after apogee, all four motors spit out, no chute ...
2017-07-29 Steve Lindeman's SpartacusD12-5- Once again a beautiful flight for this rocket. Straight up, parachute at apogee. Good recovery ...
2017-07-23Chris Halinaty's Estes Red RiderD12-0/B6-4-
2017-07-15Dick Stafford's Hostile Projectiles Delta X-15D12-5-
2017-07-15Dick Stafford's SpaceShipSqrt(-1)D12-5-
2017-07-15Dick Stafford's SS Cestris (Sirius)D12-5-
2017-07-15 Neil Weinstock's Diamond CutterD12-5- Perfect flight, straight up with no weathercocking. Clean recovery with no damage.
2017-07-15 Neil Weinstock's APRO Lander IID12-3- Low but good flight. Cracked a fin on landing.
2017-07-15Neil Weinstock's BiohazardD12-5- Very high, arrow straight. Drifted a very long way but recovered successfully with no damage.
2017-07-14Bill Dzurilla's Perseus scratch build2xD12-5800 feet beautiful flight after difficulty with ignition, single 9v controller did not provide enough ...
2017-07-09Rick Barnes's Der V-3D12-3500 feet
2017-07-09Rick Barnes's Nike Smoke JrD12-5300 feet Wierd curly-Q in flight before heading back up again...
2017-07-08Edward Chess's Estes - Mega MosquitoD12-3- Straight boost, no rotation, chute at apogee, perfect flight.
2017-07-08Edward Chess's Mercury Engineering - 3" School RocketD12-3- First flight. Slow takeoff, vertical flight, no rotation, chute at low apogee, good recovery.
2017-07-08JR Johnson-Roehr's Estes ManiacD12-5- Typical good flight, what I've come to expect of this rocket. Really want to run it up on an E ...
2017-07-08 Estes D12-5700 feet Very stable with a D12-5 engine to an estimated 700'. There was some interesting damage at ...
2017-07-08 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's B-32M SpikeEstes D12-5700 feet Very stable with a D12-5 engine to an estimated 700'. There was some interesting damage at ...
2017-06-28Bill Dzurilla's Estes ExpeditionD12-55 feet fail - launch lug stuck on rod, lifted entire pad then crashed
2017-06-28 Bill Dzurilla's Estes ExecutionerD12-5600 feet used personal alarm screamer to find rocket
2017-06-28Bill Dzurilla's Estes ExpeditionD12-5700 feet used personal alarm screamer to find rocket
2017-06-24Rick Barnes's Nike Smoke JrD12-5750 feet
2017-06-17Greg Perez's Mega MosquitoD12-5-
2017-06-09Rob Hoffman's ExecutionerD12-3-
2017-06-09Rob Hoffman's ProwlerD12-3-
2017-05-28Rick Barnes's BerthasaurapodD12-3-
2017-05-28Rick Barnes's Ram Jet 2XD12-5-
2017-05-21Dick Stafford's Apollo Command/Service ModuleD12-3- Better flight. It was wobbly/serpentine but it generally went in the UP direction.
2017-05-20Rick Barnes's BerthasaurapodD12-5400 feet
2017-05-20Rick Barnes's Ram Jet 2XD12-3525 feet
2017-05-06Bob Bernatchez's Estes - MagnumD12-0/C6-5- Lost the upper stage motor, parachute did not deploy.
2017-04-30Rick Barnes's BerthasaurapodD12-5600 feet
2017-04-22 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's New Way A-20 DemonEstes D12-5700' est. feet There was no parachute at ejection! It fell slowly enough and landed with one shroud line draped ...
2017-04-18Pierre Marleau's big daddyD12-5271 feet Put in a new 30" Nylon parachute and a 9"x9" nomex shute protector
2017-04-15Rob Hoffman's Explorer AquariusD12-3- Broken shock cord. Body badly damaged but all parts recovered.
2017-04-08Bob Bernatchez's Estes EliminatorD12-5-
2017-04-06Pierre Marleau's big daddyD12-5305 feet Parachute partially melted. I have order a Mad Cow Ejection Baffle for the next flight and a new ...
2017-03-19Eric Lofgren's Estes Mega MosquitoD12-3340 feet Altitude 340ft Top speed 97 mph Thrust Time 1.75 sec ...
2017-03-11 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Solar WarriorEstes D12-5750 feet The spill-holed chute was tangled and it fell fast. One fin broken off.
2017-02-19John Bergsmith's Estes Rockit Estes D12-3-
2017-02-11 Bob Bernatchez's Estes QCC ExplorerD12-5- Swapped out the chute for a smaller one. Still had a pretty long walk.
2017-02-04Bob Bernatchez's Estes - Xarconian CruiserD12-5- Great flight
2017-02-04 Jeffrey Gortatowsky's SavageD12-0/B6-4930 feet Tipped off otherwise would have gotten more altitude. Parawad recovery.
2017-01-28 Mike Caplinger's Nike SmokeD12-5- Nice flight, landed on field to the west. Duration 69 seconds.
2017-01-21 Eric Lofgren's Estes Big DaddyD12-3- Good flight, but melted a bit of the 24" Top Flight thin-mil parachute.
2016-12-18 Jeffrey Gortatowsky's Extreme 12D12-0+D12-5-
2016-12-10 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Quest Aerospace OneEstes D12-5650' est. feet Boost was normal but it starting spinning rapidly during the coast phase.
2016-11-12William Beggs's Estes Red RiderD12-0 to B6-41298 feet This was a two stage flight. Nice boost and second stage ignition. Tied altimeter to nose but ...
2016-11-12 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Quest StilettoEstes D12-5700' est. feet Straight boost with no turns. It landed close, a good start to the day.
2016-11-12 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Honest JohnEstes D12-5700 feet Flight seemed normal until I picked it up. The engine was slightly outside the lock ring, the ring ...
2016-11-12Rob Hoffman's Der V3D12-3- NARTREK Bronze D attempt. Success.

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