Flight Log - 2022-05-07 - David Deavours's HV Arcas

Composite Warehouse HV Arcas.  100% scale. 4.5" diameter by 92.25" long.  17.2 lbs dry weight.

Flight Date: 2022-05-07
Rocket Name: HV Arcas
Flyer's Name: David Deavours
Motors: L850
Expected Altitude: 8,800.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 10.00 mph
Launch Site: QCRC
Actual Altitude: 8,226.00 Feet

Beautiful spring day at the QCRC field. The L850 was the perfect motor for the 100% ARCAS. Perfectly straight boost even with the slightly breezy conditions. Apogee was ~8220' I ran a 120" Top Flight chute in the ARCAS.  The 120" chute brought it down at 12fps. 

1Aerotech L850W


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