Flight Log - 2022-11-12 - David Deavours's HV Arcas

Composite Warehouse HV Arcas.  100% scale. 4.5" diameter by 92.25" long.  17.2 lbs dry weight.

Flight Date: 2022-11-12
Rocket Name: HV Arcas
Flyer's Name: David Deavours
Motors: L2200-Plugged
Expected Altitude: 11,225.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 5.00 mph
Launch Site: Kloudbusters
Actual Altitude: 11,016.00 Feet

The mighty L2200 and the full-sized ARCAS meet at last.  I only wish I had photos of the motor at liftoff with that Mojave green motor spouting mach diamonds.  The weather was unseasonably calm for Kansas, not a cloud in the sky and the full sized ARCAS weighed just over 25lbs on the pad.  The motor lit and that hammer of 700lbs thrust propelled the ARCAS skyward with authority.  The maximum velocity was 1.30 mach.  For some reason, the tracking smoke was lost in the sky so the rocket was out of sight at apogee despite its size.  The Featherweight GPS tracked the rocket to the ground where the 96' main landed the rocket softly (22fps) about 7100' down range.  The ARCAS was successfully recovered just off the corner of Morris and 90th about 1100' inside a field.  Pad photos, altimeter and GPS are included.  

1Aerotech L2200G-Plugged


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