Flight Log - 2022-05-07 - David Deavours's Wildman Goblin 5

Wildman goblin 5" with 1/8" Carbon Fiber fins, rebuilt with 3/16" CF fins.

Flight Date: 2022-05-07
Rocket Name: Wildman Goblin 5
Flyer's Name: David Deavours
Expected Altitude: 9,200.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 10.00 mph
Launch Site: QCRC
Actual Altitude: 8,630.00 Feet

Beautiful weather at the QCRC field. Slightly breezy but sunny and very clear.  This flight was on the new-ish L1940x motor which did not disappoint. The 5" Goblin left the pad with authority and coasted to an apogee of 8,630' (averaged between the RRC3 and Stratologger altimeters).  This flight I ran a 96" Top Flight chute to slow the descent slightly more than with the Recon chute I used before, and the decent rate was defiantly slower as reported by GPS.  

The main was set to 900' and it inflated at 850' according to the GPS and RRC3, but it felt a lot lower than that watching the flight.  Still, having the main fully open at 850' reduced the drift a lot.  Also, this was the new Ultra-X-Type chute from Top Flight Recovery. The cool thing about the X-Type is it collapses when it's on the ground which limits how much the rocket gets dragged in the field.  (My next flight was not the X-Type chute and got dragged quite a bit on the ground...)  I'll be using the X-Type chutes a lot more now that I've tried it out.    

The L1940x is probably the highest thrust Aerotech motor that can be fitted in the Goblin.  The 75/3840 casing is the largest size I can reasonably fit without moving the AV Bay.

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