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Rich DeAngelis's DEFCON 1

This tall kit is originally supplied with a single long body tube. Since it was damaged in shipping, I cut out the crushed section and spliced together two smaller tubes by making a long, 10" payload section out of the upper third.  These tubes had to be sized exactly as the original, because the supplied full-body wrap decals needed to be used.  This kit came with a lot of high quality parts, including a foil-lined motor tube, a parachute swivel, cloth-covered shock cord, matching aqua-colored heavy plastic parachute and of course all those decals.  It takes 24mm D and E engines.  I added an ejection baffle to this rocket.

Diameter:1.33 inches
Kit Name:DEFCON 1
Length:39.5 inches
Manufacturer:Quasar One



    Flight Log

    TimeLaunch SiteMotor(s)Altitude 
    2012-09-01Fort Indiantown Gap, PAC11-5275 feet
    2012-09-01Fort Indiantown Gap, PAD12-5700 feet
    2013-01-13Penn Manor School Lancaster PAC11-5200 feet
    2013-01-13Penn Manor School Lancaster PAC11-5226 feet
    2013-08-31Fort Indiantown Gap, PAD12-7649 feet

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