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Downright Ignorant Rocket Launch

The Downright Ignorant Rocket was a rocket launched at BALLS 2 in the Black Rock desert, Nevada on August 17th, 1992. The BALLS experimental launches were conducted after the Tripoli LDRS XI launches, where I flew a few (much smaller) rockets. Main builders: Dennis Lamonthe, Chuck Sackett, and Mike Ward Weight: 800 lbs. Height: 34' 7" Diameter: 24" Motors: 1 O-class custom motor, 5 Energon L1100 motors, 8 ISP K1100 motors (around 76,000 NS total impulse) The launch was held a few miles away from the LDRS launch area. Most spectators were about a half mile away. A few of us, though, got over behind the setup for the launch, so we cut the viewing distance down by about half. If I remember right, a J motor was used to separate the top from the bottom at apogee. When it quit, the bottom coasted up and ran into the top, tearing off one of the parachutes. This was quite a launch.

Author Emophiliac2
Duration 211 seconds
Rating Best

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