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Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Duh! Phantom (Scratch Design)

The Phantom reference is from the old Estes Phantom demonstration rocket. The Estes Phantom was transparent to see the inside components of a model rocket.
For this rocket, the labeling idea came off a post on a rocketry forum where a picture of a full size jet liner was attached. Instead of the standard paint, the outside of the plane was labeled: "Pilot Inside" ,"Engine" and "Wheels below!".
I took it a step further adding some descriptions inspired by the stickers from the old GooneyBird kits. These decals say "Nerd Bird", "Wadding?" and "Pointy End Up".
Diameter:1.3250 inches
Length:18.7500 inches



    Flight Log

    TimeLaunch SiteMotor(s)Altitude 
    2011-12-03Orlando R.O.C.K.Estes B6-4-
    2011-12-10N.E.F.A.R.Estes C6-5900' est. feet
    2011-12-17TTRA Tampa Tripoli Site, Plant CityEstes C6-5750 feet
    2012-08-04Orlando R.O.C.K.Estes A8-3100' est. feet

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