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Estes F15

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The F15 is a 22% F single-use motor from Estes.

  • Delays: 0,2,4,6 seconds
  • Propellant Weight: 60.0000 g
  • Total Weight: 103.0000 g
  • Average Thrust: 14.3748 N
  • Peak Thrust: 26.7500 N
  • Total Impulse: 48.8744 Ns
  • Class: 22% F
  • Thrust Duration: 3.4000 s

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Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
2016-09-25Rick Barnes's Astron Cobra 3"2xF15-8550 feet Only two of the three F15's lit; my first unlit cluster motor...
2016-08-06 Steve Lindeman's TinkerbellF15-6- Another great flight for this homemade rocket. Flew it on an Estes F15-6 on a rail launch. Rocket ...
2016-06-25 Rob Hoffman's AscenderE16-0/F15-81395 feet Parachute did not deploy. Lawn dart. Found later and confirmed either no ejection charge or not ...
2016-02-21Ken E. Coyote's Estes PSII MajesticF15-62000 feet Great flight! First test of the Jolly Logic Chute Release. Rocket rose up beautifully straight and ...
2016-02-13Bob Bernatchez's Aerotech BarracudaF15-6- 4 seconds might be a better choice here
2015-12-12 Ken E. Coyote's Rocketarium Turbo VorticoF15-0450 feet Nice flight! Crowd hadn't seen one of these before...announcer even asked if it was a kit. Lots ...
2015-12-12 Ken E. Coyote's Rocketarium Turbo VorticoF15-0450 feet Crowd liked the last launch, so I flew again as my last for the year! Again, very nice and the RR ...
2015-10-17 Daniel Draney's Trajector - Estes (9709)F15-6970 feet great 1st flight...qualifying flight for Bronze level NARTREK "D" size motor or larger
2015-08-29 Bill Eichelberger's Fishhead Rocketry - Rascal XLF15-6300 feet Scary, horizontal flight after losing the launch lug. Rocket survived the freefall with only a ...
2015-06-26 Tony Fr's Der Red Max/Lil NukeF15-6- It was good flight when it finally occurred. It took about 2 hours due to cycling through all the ...
2015-06-26Tony Fr's FSI HerculesF15-6- Went horizontal but OK.
2015-05-23Tony Fr's Der Red Max/Lil NukeF15-6- Good flight.
2013-11-16Bob Bernatchez's North Coast Rocketry - OrbitF15-6- First Estes F15 I've used. Model found the tallest branch of the tallest tree on the field. I hate ...

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