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"Electric Shadow" on F32-6T and (2) C6's with Dual Deployment

My cluster, dual deploy, on-board video capable Estes Shadow, "The Electric Shadow," flying in a cluster of (1) AeroTech F32-6T and (2) Estes C6's with dual deployment. It was supposed to have a video camera along for the ride but the device was malfunctioning on the launch field so there is no aerial footage. Despite using Quest Q2G2 igniters on the C6's and a Magnelite cluster igniter on the central F32T, one of the C6's did not ignite. Either the igniter fell out or perhaps it was a faulty igniter. The flight was still nominal, reaching an altitude of 570' according to my RRC^2 altimeter. Successful dual deployment, although the main chute took it's sweet time to fully deploy! 12/01/12

 Rocketry Product: Estes - The Shadow {Kit} (2094)

 Rocketry Product: Estes - C6 Single-Use Motor {Motor}

Author MarcusGoodwyn
Duration 35 seconds
Rating Good

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