Experimental Rocketry

10V Rocket flight 3, objectives met or exceeded: Smaller fin set to decrease flex and add stability/ 90 degree set. Determine if 1 percent Iron oxide added to KN0/SB, would yield higher, cleaner burn rate. Rapid ignition of fuel using12V battery directly at launcher via relay..Idea from Tom Sanders..thanks! Launcher ignited engine as soon as button was pressed. Co-Pilot v2.0 Dual deployment, from Missile works, fired early... just one sec after motor burnout, causing chute separation and subsequent rocket body impact resulting in extensive damage. Designer of altimeter says my rocket most likely experienced a high speed shock wave right after motor burnout, which set the altimeter off. Further, it was noted that setting the 'Mach delay' at motor burnout and a few seconds after would allow altimeter to disregard this temporary shock wave, elimenating premature ejection.

Author jetmanflyhigh
Duration 04:40
Rating Better

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