Fiery Flight of the Tenochtitlan on an H115 at Spaceport Rocketry Assn.
Apogee, 2800 feet - kissing the clouds, just prior to a major thunderstorm. The rocket landed and it immediately started raining. I had to wait 20 minutes for the lightning and rain to pass to recover. I had an enjoyful first time visiting Spaceport Rocketry Association's launch site! Unfortunately, we got rained out early in the day, so not too many flights. A thunderstorm was coming in and I almost decided to stand down. I'm glad I didn't as the onboard video from the coming storm is fantastic! The risk: The storm was very close. When the rocket landed it immediately started lightning and raining! It took 20 minutes of my rocket being out in the elements with a phone and electronics before I could begin the recovery effort. I was worried water would enter the electronics bay. I was able to recover my rocket with little problem other than wading through the bush. The GPS sent me right to it. The rain filled up about 3 inches of the fin can. I poured the water out and the cardstock seems to be drying fine. I'm glad I used epoxy. I used the Nexus 5 this time. Video quality is somewhat better than the 4. It doesn't run near as hot and the Nexus 5 will last all day out at the field without need of recharge. The Gs Max out on the Nexus 5 smaller - only 2 Gs per axis. I look forward to getting the Nexus 5x as it maxes I believe at 8Gs per axis. The 5x also has 4K video record - which will be nice. You can view more high resolution images of this flight and telemetry information here:
Author Jason Cook
Duration 182 seconds

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