Flight Log - 2019-08-24 - Richard Holmes's Flat Boy

Pie in the Sky / Fat Boy mashup. Bashed from a Pie in the Sky kit with added fins and homemade decals and vinyl.

Flight Date: 2019-08-24
Rocket Name: Flat Boy
Kit Name: Squirrel Works - Pie In The Sky {Kit}
Flyer's Name: Richard Holmes
Motors: B6-4
Launch Site: Syracuse Rocket Club (Weigand's Field)

The other contest was Drag Race. One on one with points for first motion, lower height, and later landing. I put my Flat Boy on a B6 up against Scott S’s Make It Fake It.

The Flat Boy was first off the pad,but I should’ve used an A motor. Not sure what motor Scott was using but mine actually got higher, and it landed first, so Scott won. The Flat Boy broke a fin on landing (maybe surprising this hadn’t happened sooner). Repairable.

1Estes B6-4


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