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fun with model rockets. model rocket funny fails and successful launches.

this video was taken yesterday. dis cool dude (me) had some fun launching model rockets. 2 acquired from hobby lobby, and one picked from the garbage and repaired. the engines used were A3-4T (for the hobby lobby rockets) and B6-0 (for the trash picked rocket.). and launched with a custom made launcher i made myself. it has storage compartments all over it to store things like the engines, descent parachute wadding, batteries, launch wires, and the launch pad and stick. the launch button is made out of an old push light. i gutted the push light and left only the little momentary push button inside the push light's housing. which is now connected to the positive electrode of the 9 volt battery that is used to trigger the igniter when the button is pressed. near the end of the video i checked out an interesting device found right in between the soccer field and some trees. so stay tuned for that. :) 0:15 showing you the launcher and rockets. 3:52 teleporting to the launch site and setting up the launcher. 5:54 green rocket first launch attempt (fail). 6:15 green rocket second launch attempt (success.) 6:55 green rocket's parachute burnt up. 7:00 green rocket second successful launch. 7:25 purple rocket funny fail. 9:23 another green rocket launch. 10:00 time for the big one. (the trash picked one). 11:21 the trash picked one's second launch. 11:53 the final launch. 12:54 footage from when i lost the green one. 13:48 checkin' out the "weathermatic". songs used: "no more mister nice guy" - alice cooper. "emotional meltdown" - me. "bodies" - drowning pool. "beat it" - michael jackson.

 Rocketry Product: Estes - B6 Single-Use Motor {Motor}

 Rocketry Product: Estes - A3T Single-Use Motor {Motor}

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