Flight Log - 2018-08-06 - Hans "Chris" Michielssen's 1/2 A Boost Glider

Apogee downscale of the larger Sky Condor kit.

Wings were rounded and airfoiled. Body tube cut down by 2".

Flight Date: 2018-08-06
Rocket Name: 1/2 A Boost Glider
Flyer's Name: Hans "Chris" Michielssen
Motors: Estes 1/2A3-2t
Expected Altitude: 390.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 5.00 mph
Launch Site: NARAM 60, Pueblo, CO
Actual Altitude: 390.00 Feet

After the last spiral in, I cut the clay wing weight in half and applied it to the other wing.

LONG glide this time, timers stopped when it went out of sight. 1 minute, 27 seconds.

Best boost glider flight I ever had.

1MPC 1/2A3-M-2


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