I'm Feeling Lucky - Flight 2

On-board "I'm Feeling Lucky" at LUNAR's Snow Ranch launch. This is a custom-built rocket based on Performance "Intimidator-5" fiberglass with TeleMetrum and Featherweight Raven avionics, CD3 deployment, and a 96" Toroidal Fruity Chute, flying on an AeroTech M2100G. Video is from on-board and pad GoPros and a DSLR. This was the second flight for this airframe, following a successful L3 flight at October Skies. This flight carried a pair of Galaxy Nexus phones and a 2-meter ham radio.

 Rocketry Product: Featherweight Altimeters - Raven {Component}

 Rocketry Club: Livermore Unit of the NAR

Author caseybarker
Duration 231 seconds
Rating Best

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