Initiator Camera Rocket

This movie was with my LOC Initiator now fitted with a camera mount. The mount is made from a 12" long piece of LOC 2.5" tube with the camera friction fitted into a BT-50 that has been glued horizontally into the side of the LOC tube. The rocket has less spin then the Mirage did. The flight was great until the early delay allowed the rocket to go through the chute shroud lines and hung one up on the motor hook. I didn't know this when it happened, only that the rocket was coming down with a bad chute. Luck was with it as only one fin popped clean off and another had the fillets broken. The camera was fine. The rocket has since been repaired like new. It was a stroke of luck that the line that hung up was in the camera shot to actually show what had happened!

 Rocketry Product: Aerotech - Mirage {Kit} (89019) [1992-]

Author rocketreviews
Duration 97 seconds
Rating Good

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